Sneaky ways food can make you gain weight

For us ladies, there’s nothing more horrifying than having to squeeze into your favorite outfit one day! The trouble is, weight gaining food is often a little sneaky, making us unaware of gradual weight gain. Let’s be honest, ladies, it’s easy to avoid the scales and be blissfully unaware of how the calories add up…

Especially with all the summer barbecues we’ve been having! But! There is a way to avoid gaining weight, and all it takes is a little… Consideration.

By paying attention to what you’re eating and how you’re exercising, you’ll quickly know how to avoid gaining weight – fitting into your favorite outfit once again, in no time!

If you’re looking for ways to avoid gaining weight, ladies, you’re in the right place.

Are you a fan of cardio?

We all know that exercise is key to living a healthy lifestyle, right? But did you know that performing the wrong type of exercise could actually lead to weight gain!

Our instinct is to naturally opt for hitting the treadmill, especially since you can plug in your favorite music and get running… However, if you’re looking to avoid gaining weight, you may want to add in some strength training along the way.

Don’t worry, you’re not going to end up butch or sporting rugby-player legs just yet… But a mix of strength training and cardio will certainly benefit your weight loss goals. Studies have shown that a combination of cardio and strength training will help you to burn more calories, fire up fat burn and build lean muscle mass.

Plus, lifting a little weight (I told you, we’re not aiming to be a bodybuilder here!) will allow you to benefit from after-burn – meaning that your body will continue to burn fat long after your workout has finished.

Distraction eating

While the list of foods that make you gain weight could potentially be as long as your arm… The way you consume your food is also important. Of course, steering clear of junk food and over-processed foods can definitely benefit your weight loss journey.

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So, what do I mean by distraction eating? Often referred to as “mindlessly eating,” we’ve all been guilty of eating while distracted. I’m talking about grabbing a bag of chips while you work, with the intention of only having a few… And the next minute, the bag is empty.

Many of us eat our meals while watching TV, which can also mean that our attention is elsewhere, causing us to overeat and ignore signals of feeling full. Eating all of the food that makes you gain weight can be just as bad as eating while glued to your favorite TV series!

So, how do you eat mindfully?

  • Pay attention to the food in front of you and enjoy eating it, monitoring how you feel and when you feel full
  • Avoid chewing too fast
  • Allow short breaks if needed between chewing, to really savor each bite

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How to avoid gaining weight: Portion control

It’s not always all about what you eat, but how much you’re eating at mealtimes (and inbetween!). Many of us are guilty of mindlessly snacking our way through the working day, especially when sat at a desk for long hours.

While the type of food you’re eating is important, try not to go overboard with your portions. When it comes to weight gaining food, it’s often about how much you’re consuming. Instead of taking a whole bag of chips to your desk, allow yourself a smaller portion you can easily track.

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Another great way to keep on top of your portions is to batch cook. By taking the time to batch cook your meals you’ll become aware of how far one ‘meal’ can go. Separate it into containers and you’ll know exactly how much you’re eating for each meal, without shovelling huge portions onto your plate one day and eating a tiny amount the next.

Overdoing it on the nut butter

Almond butter can be a great addition (and a dose of protein) to smoothies, however, if you’re already adding a protein powder and then nut butter, you could be damaging your weight loss efforts.

If you do decide to add nut butter, try to keep track of a consistent amount with each smoothie – or you’ll quickly go from one teaspoon to four! And that’ll quickly make your nut butter a weight gaining food you’d rather avoid.

Keep tabs on your protein

According to the CDC, the average adult female should be consuming 46g of protein daily. While getting a good amount of protein will certainly keep you feeling full and energized through your workouts, too much protein could be impacting your weight loss goals.

Generally speaking, a home serving size of a piece of fish or meat is around the size of your fist. So, if you head out to eat and order a 6-ounce steak, that’s almost double the amount of protein needed for that meal.

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When you’re trying to smash your weight loss goals (and you’ve totally got this, ladies!), try to aim for a healthy balance of carbs, protein and healthy fats. Overeating protein, with few carbs won’t give your body the energy it needs, causing fats to not break down as needed.

Instead, it’ll target muscle mass, and your metabolism will struggle!

Smash your goals with Zotrim

Phew! And we’ve made it, ladies. If you feel as though you’ve put on a little extra sneaky weight (often caused by the above weight gaining foods!), you’re not alone.

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