How to naturally suppress your appetite

At some point, each and every one of us has been on a diet—with varying degrees of success. These diets may have consisted of strict meal plans and intense exercise, or they may simply have been a vague notion of eating more green vegetables and steering clear of chocolate wherever possible.

Regardless, the unifying factor of any diet—the common struggle—lies in suppressing the urge to eat. Learning how to suppress your appetite, therefore, is key. We totally get it, ladies, it’s tough!

Granted, this sounds a little daunting; it brings to mind brutal fasts and rumbling bellies, and dizziness from low blood sugar levels.

However, learning how to suppress hunger doesn’t have to be difficult, or even unpleasant.

If you go about it the right way, you won’t even notice a difference. And what’s the right way? Easy: you make use of natural appetite suppressants.

What is an appetite suppressant, exactly?

The clue is in the name. An appetite suppressant is anything that works to prevent hunger, replacing the sensation with one of fullness or satisfaction.

This might be in the form of a particular food or food group, or a supplement, or a general change in lifestyle.

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Some of these methods of suppressing your appetite are more effective than others, and every person will find that different ways work best for them.

The best appetite suppressant for you will be the one that works alongside your body in a natural, healthy manner, and fits in with your lifestyle and weight loss goals. Below, we’ll run through some of the best methods of how to reduce appetite on your weight loss journey.

The best natural appetite suppressants

Eat high-protein foods

Whereas carbohydrates are high in calories but don’t keep you feeling full for long, protein-rich foods are slow to digest, thereby leaving you feeling satisfied for longer.

Switching up high-carb meals for protein-packed ones will work wonders for keeping your hunger pangs at bay; think eggs, soy products, lean meats, peas and beans.

Consume foods high in fiber

Fiber takes a long time to break down in your body, with much of it simply passing straight through. It remains in your digestive system for a long time compared to other foodstuffs, leaving you with a sensation of fullness for far longer.

Many studies into fiber have confirmed it as an effective appetite suppressant, although there is some debate as to which fibrous foods are most effective.

Try whole grain, veggies, almonds, apples and beans and see which works best for you.

Stay hydrated

A study in 2014 found that in women who were both over 50 years old and medically overweight, the consumption of 1.5 liters of water every day for eight weeks led not only to a reduction in their daily appetite, but it also led to increased weight loss and fat reduction.

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The best time to drink water to suppress your appetite is just before a meal. Plus, it contains zero calories, yet the weight of it in your stomach can create the sensation of being full, even if you’ve only had a small meal.

Use ginger to suppress your appetite

Adding a little bit of ginger to your cooking has a stimulating effect on your digestive system, which is thought to be the reason ginger is effective at creating a sensation of fullness and diminishing hunger pangs.

It only takes a little bit of ginger to create the effect, so adding powdered ginger to your recipes should do the trick.

De-stress yourself

It’s easier said than done, of course, but if you can manage to reduce the daily stresses you experience in your life, you’ll likely find your hunger and urge to overeat diminishes as a result.

A big step in learning how to curb hunger is learning the triggers which make you want to overeat, and stress, anger and sadness are very commonly associating with binge eating and an unhealthy diet.

To offset this and begin appetite control, try meditating, creating a sleep plan, cutting stressful events out of your life, and ensuring quiet periods during which you can relax. Hello self care!

Exercise before mealtimes

While exercise can lead us to want to eat over a long timescale, a brief, intense workout before a meal actually inhibits the production of ghrelin, the hormone responsible for hunger.

In addition, it generates more of the hormones responsible for the sensation of fullness after a meal, creating a double whammy of appetite-suppressing action.

Plus, you know, exercise is healthy and helps you build muscle and lose weight. So hop to it!

Consume low calorie snacks

There’s zero point in trying to fill up on junk food. In fact, a lot of fast foods are deliberately designed not to be satisfying long term, so you’ll buy more in order to feel adequately fed.

Instead, the next time you feel hungry, shoot for a piece of fruit, beans, whole grains and vegetables—you want bulky, filling foods that are low in calories. This way you can eat to your heart’s content, without sending your daily calorie intake through the roof.

Practise mindful eating

An interesting study in recent years found that when participants ate meals both in a normally lit room and a pitch-dark room, they ate on average 36% more food when they couldn’t see the food in front of them.

When we are more focused on what we’re eating—actually savoring flavors and making the most of every bite—we feel fuller faster.

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Avoid watching TV or using your phone while eating, and try to truly enjoy the food instead.

Use Zotrim!

If the above methods have left you wishing there was a route to suppressing your appetite that was a little more immediate and noticeable, your prayers have been answered.

A natural appetite suppressant supplement, Zotrim helps you to break bad habits like overeating and snacking between meals. It’s a 100% natural herbal formula – which has been tested successfully in numerous clinical trials – has been the key factor in success stories from all kinds of dieters.

If you’re looking to cut your daily calorie intake with ease, Zotrim can give you a helping hand. By combining it with the other methods on this list and a healthy lifestyle, you’ll have the best appetite suppressant around. Your healthy new body awaits, ladies!

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