How to curb your sugar cravings

Every year, the average American female consumes 48 pounds of added sugar.

Unbelievably, that’s four pounds a month! Sugar is bad for our teeth and increases the chance of tooth decay, but that’s not all we have to worry about.

In fact, too much sugar in your diet increases your risk of obesity, diabetes and heart disease. According to a 2014 study, those who exceeded their recommended daily sugar intake increased their risk of heart disease by at least 30%.

Now, I’m not sure about you, ladies, but I definitely want to have my relationship with sugar under control. But how do you stop eating sugary foods when the cravings continue? Now is the first step to ridding your diet of sweet foods and regaining your power to curb those cravings!

Why do we crave sugar so much?

There are many reasons why we like sugar, from our hormones to our habits. The desire for sugar is natural and has been somewhat drilled into us since childhood. Researchers believe that our preference for sugar comes from humans needing to understand the sources of digestible carbohydrates and glucose-based energy.

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Knowing all the right info helps, but sugar is a big part of our diet and it’s hard to kick it to the curb altogether. So how do you eliminate the cravings?

My top 8 tips for curbing sugar cravings

Work out what your body needs

Sometimes you might be craving sugar or want something sweet, but take a moment to find out what’s going on in your body, do you feel anxious or stressed? Are you actually hungry? Or are you thirsty? Do you have little energy?

Pause before you respond

If you want something sweet, you could quite easily be thirsty! Try drinking a glass of water, taking a deep breath or taking a walk. If you are hungry, it’s okay to have a snack. In fact, it’s best to reduce the craving for sugar by enjoying snacks full of protein or healthy fats.

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In addition, preparation at the beginning of the week will help you prepare for the potential cravings ahead and avoid trips to the store for last-minute snacks.

Pay attention to your patterns

If you frequently find you want something sweet at a certain time of day, this is probably a good sign that you should add a snack packed with protein to keep you going.

Eat balanced meals

Be sure to enjoy three healthy, balanced meals a day. These will keep you feeling full, with less room to snack on sugary stuff.

Eat food that satisfies you

How much satisfaction receive from your meals can improve your healthy eating. If you feel that you are constantly wishing for more, then those sugar cravings will be harder than ever!

Add some spice

When we crave sugar, it’s not always about sugar itself, but about the desire for something that tastes good. By using herbs and spices more in your food, you can still enjoy lots of different flavors, without craving sugar!

In addition, herbs are very good at providing the body with what it needs. For example, do you crave a sweet breakfast? A pinch of cinnamon in your oatmeal will sweeten it up without the need for sugar.

Get creative

By mixing up your recipes and getting curious with your cooking, you might find that you’re not only having fun, but you’re getting to create delicious new recipes with new ingredients that you’ve never tried before.

Don’t be tempted by others

Most people will support your healthy mission, but if it disrupts their plans, you may find the same people you are trying to break your sugar-free rule. For example, your mom may try to give you dessert, your partner may try a new buffet restaurant, or your friends may want you to join in for a cocktail.

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These are the times when you need to stand firm and remind them that you have goals you want to pursue. Stay strong!

Use Zotrim

Need a hand to stay strong with your goals and fight back against sugar cravings? Did you know that Zotrim doesn’t just boost your motivation and reduce your appetite, but it can also help you to suppress those cravings too!

Easy food swaps to curb those cravings

Fancy something sweet? Try these instead:

  • Apple slices with peanut butter
  • Fresh berries with a handful of mixed nuts
  • Baked cherries with whipped ricotta
  • Baked apple slices dusted with cinnamon
  • Sweet herbal teas, like rooibos with vanilla

Fancy something salty? Try these instead:

  • Guacamole and cucumber
  • Fresh veggies or crackers with hummus
  • A handful of seeds or nuts
  • A hardboiled egg with seasoning

If you need some support in smashing your healthy living goals and curbing those cravings, then Zotrim is here to support you!

Our 100% natural formula allows you to maximize your fat loss, while kicking sugar cravings to the curb! You’ve got this, ladies!

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