Fall back in love with your goals

If this last year or so has taught us anything, it’s that we can tackle whatever comes our way! We’ve taken on the post-holiday slump (no time for Blue Monday, here) and whether you had a valentine love or not this year, it’s time to get your head in the game and think about YOU.

Yep, that’s right, push the chocolate aside (maybe later!), it’s time to fall back in love with yourself and your fitness goals.

It can be tough to find motivation – especially when it’s cold outside – but even the most avid of exercisers can find themselves in an exercise slump!

We’ve set the date – it’s just you, exercise and that butterfly feeling! So grab your favorite gym clothes, blast that cheesy music and let’s get stuck in.

Why looking after yourself comes first

The whole world is in a pretty tough place at the moment, making it hard to see friends and family, stay focused on work and find the motivation to do the smallest of things. With restrictions still in place, for many of us, the gym was our escape!

So what do you do when you can’t get to the gym? Look after and motivate yourself in other ways, of course!

Self care should be at the top of your to-do list right now, whether it’s taking that extra time in the morning for the perfect coffee or settling down with a good book. Staying healthy mentally can depend a lot on how much we listen to our bodies. If you’re feeling run down, get that bubble bath on the go and treat yourself to a glass of wine. Because – why not?

Aside from bubbling up your bathtub, exercise can be a great escape from our daily stresses. With so many bodyweight exercises around, who needs equipment!

Our top 5 tips for falling in love with exercise again

Building a genuine connection with exercise will keep you interested long term, with no straying off – ya know, to the couch. When you get into the swing of things, you’ll be excited for your next workout and feel committed to kickstarting a new exercise routine.

1. Make fun the most important factor

If your exercise regime is as boring as an unnecessary Zoom call, of course, you’re not going to want to do it! And believe me, I put those off as much as possible.

Having fun while you exercise makes that post-workout burn feel so worthwhile, so if you’re finding your typical jog a little dull, mix things up. If just the thought of swinging a kettlebell around makes you want to bury yourself in the couch, try a (for now, virtual!) dance class, yoga or Pilates.

There is more to exercise than counting reps, so try having fun while you workout. When outdoor classes or gym sessions get up and running again, why not give Zumba a try?

Get shaking that booty!

2. Set goals and celebrate them

When it comes to setting goals, don’t be too hard on yourself. By keeping things simple and setting achievable goals, you can celebrate the wins along the way! Sure, you might have your eyes on that little black dress, but don’t work yourself to the bone to achieve it.

When you have a goal to work towards, you have a reason to train – instead of putting your workout off for another day. No matter what it is – set a goal – any goal. The smaller goals on the way to achieving big can keep you driven to exercise long term.

3. Be open to learning new things, regularly

As you start to fall back in love with your goals (and the process to get there!), creating a regular routine can be the difference between slacking and success.

Once your routine becomes a part of your daily life – a bit like that morning brew! – you’ll soon wonder what you ever did without it.

Consider your goals a little like your weekly meals, if you always ate the same thing, you’d be bored in no time. Be open to learning new workouts, new challenges and hitting new personal bests. Need a little inspiration?

Try our workouts you can do anywhere without equipment.

4. Get committed to your new love

Getting committed to exercising is more than just buying a new pair of sneakers – although we wouldn’t judge you if you did! While the gyms are closed, we’ve all lost a little motivation here and there, but investing in your health doesn’t need to break the bank.

While your gym membership is on hold, why not trial out fitness apps that can help you get on top of your game. Whether you’ve just started running (check out Couch to 5k) or you’re looking for a personal trainer in your pocket – there are so many to explore.

The majority are free or have free trials, too, so you can work out what works best for you before committing financially.

If you’re lacking some of the basics to get started (comfy gym leggings, trainers that don’t make your feet want to fall off), it’s time to do some online shopping! A little revamp of your gym gear may be all it takes to make you want to dash out that door or get working out at home.

5. Give yourself a break

Although it feels like all we’ve done is lay on the couch lately, when you’re getting stuck into exercise it’s easy to forget to rest. Rest days allow your body to repair itself, giving your muscles a chance to adapt and become stronger.

Including enough a rest is crucial to maintaining your exercise goals, too! When you work yourself too hard, you’ll quickly burn out and dread getting those sneakers on for a run outside.

Once you can understand the reason why you’re lacking that drive to exercise, you’ll be less likely to beat yourself up about skipping a day. Your body needs a break too. Saying you can’t be bothered isn’t an excuse (sorry) – it’s time to get that adrenaline pumping.

Just get started, you’re one step further than yesterday

Maybe you gained a few pounds over the holiday season – so what. You’ve recognised that you’ve fallen out of love with your goals and you’re making a change! That’s all that matters here. Make your mission in your first week to stick to your new routine and establish new healthy habits.

Changing a habit is no easy task, so give yourself a break, you’re on the way up. Preparation is everything, whether it’s meal prep, or simply throwing your workout gear into a bag ready for that post-work sweat-sesh.

If you’re feeling really organised, block out slots in your calendar to exercise. If it’s there in black and white, it’s happening! After your first week, review what you’ve achieved so far and set achievable goals for the week ahead.

A friend once told me she pinned her goal outfit to her wall for inspiration – so just do YOU!

And if you need a little help along the way…

Find your tribe! When you’re surrounded by positive, like-minded people, you’re destined to succeed. Whether you have a potential workout buddy at home, or a pal you go running with, support is everything.

Why not join social media groups and support other women in achieving their goals! And of course, if you need a hand in your journey, our blog is always here to offer advice and motivation.

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