21 daily habits of healthy women

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You know those women that just seem to have their lives… Together?

They’re usually spotted having a healthy brunch, hitting the gym while still looking fabulous or hanging out at the latest chic coffee shop.

It’s easy to think that that kind of togetherness is hard to obtain! But don’t worry, ladies, it really isn’t!

Which is why we’ve got 21 daily habits to get you on the path to feeling your best, in no time.

1. Start journaling

why you should journal

Journaling has become huge in recent years! But it’s not just about writing down your thoughts, but starting your day off right. Take some time each morning to reflect and jot down your thoughts for the day ahead.

Set some positive goals to get you motivated and allow yourself the time to take notice of your day. Grab a notebook you love and your favorite pen and get journaling, ladies!

2. De-stress (and manage it better!)

Stress can do all sorts of damage to our bodies, especially when left ignored. Start making time to destress after a busy day, whether it’s curling up with a good book, soaking in the bathtub or stretching out during yoga. Cortisol, the stress hormone, is terrible for both your heart and your waistline.

If you feel stress creeping up on you, force yourself to take a mental break when you’re feeling overwhelmed or overloaded.

3. Pay attention to your food

Wondering how those happy, healthy women keep their lives together? Paying attention to the food you eat can do wonders for your mind and body. But what do I mean by paying attention? Well, many of us mindlessly eat in front of the TV or while sat at a desk working, meaning we’re much more likely to scoff more.

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Whether it’s staring at your favorite TV series while shovelling down a huge portion, or eating more snacks than you intended, mindlessly eating can be bad for your outlook on food!

4. Cut back on sugar

Many of us eat too much sugar… Whether it’s daily coffees or too much candy, either way, it’s time to cut back!

If you’re on a mission to look and feel your best, reducing your sugar intake can mean significant benefits for your long-term health.

5. Get plenty of sleep

Getting a good amount of sleep is important to your overall health. Poor sleep has been linked to heart disease, obesity, depression, and anxiety – so if you’re wanting to feel your best, hit the hay!

6. Don’t skip breakfast

We’ve heard it all before… Breakfast is the most important meal of the day! And for good reason. Breakfast helps to set you up for the day ahead, starting your morning with a boost of energy! Opt for a combo of carb-fat or carb-protein will give you all-day energy and productivity!

7. Wear sunglasses (and sun block)

To keep your skin look radiant, don’t forget to wear sunglasses and sun block when you’re outside enjoying the sunshine. They’re not just here to help you the morning after a heavy night… your eyes and the tissue around them can get damaged from UV exposure.

8. Get stretching

With so many of us sitting for endless hours behind a desk, it’s important to keep your body feeling limber! Whether it’s a quick stretch on your lunch break or after a session in the gym, stretching can help to both maintain and improve your flexibility.

Why not try yoga? Not only is it great for stress relief, but it can also help to improve your flexibility, mobility, body alignment and posture.

9. Book out time to exercise

find workout motivation

Don’t just squeeze in a quick workout, make time to exercise. Commit to an exercise class so you have to keep your promise and block out time in your schedule to ensure you exercise!

10. Hit your daily steps

It’s easy to sit in one spot all day, jump in your car and resume sitting on the couch at home. But what about your daily steps? Sitting for long periods of time can be bad for your posture, and set you up for back pain later on in life. Get moving!

11. Practice self care

Want to know how to feel your best? Take some time to practice self care! Whether it’s soaking in the bathtub, taking the time to make a delicious frothy coffee or having a pamper session – take some out for you.

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12. Keep drinking water

Many of us forget, but we should be drinking at least 8 glasses of water each day! Water is so good for so many reasons, from weight loss to your skin to stress boosting, try to up your water intake.

13. Meal prep

Trying to get yourself organized? No problem! Meal prep can be your new best friend. Start by working out your meals for the days ahead, prepping them in advance so you can grab them and go! This will allow more time for relaxing on your lunch break, hitting the gym and that all-important self care!

14. Take time to unplug

It’s easy to scroll endlessly on social media, but it isn’t always good for our mental health. Take some time to unplug from the world! Go camping and enjoy the outdoors, head out for a walk without staring at your phone and sit down with a good book in the evening.

15. Create a nightly routine

A nightly routine can be beneficial for helping you unwind and letting your mind and body know that it’s time to sleep. If you’ve had a particularly busy day, it can be difficult switching off. Try a herbal tea, journaling and setting your clothes out for the next morning.

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By creating a routine that you follow without fail, you’re setting yourself up for a great night’s sleep.

16. Learn something new

Keep your brain buzzing by learning something new! Whether it’s a new exercise, a new skill or even a language, it keeps life interesting when we’re always learning something.

17. Always have something to look forward to

It doesn’t have to be huge, but always having things in your schedule that you’re looking forward to will help you find some enjoyment in the everyday.

It could be a new book release, new TV series or even a holiday!

18. Read often

Life can get hectic and time can disappear in a heartbeat, but things suddenly feel a lot more still when reading a book! Sit down with a thriller that gets your gripped, or a little romance that makes your heart flutter!

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It doesn’t have to be hours, just read for 10 to 20 minutes at a time where you can.

19. Cut out negativity

Cut ties with any toxic friends who bring you down, and don’t be afraid of saying ‘no’ to plans you really don’t want to keep.

20. Express gratitude daily

Whether it’s taking the time to journal or simply reflect at the end of your day, practicing a little gratitude helps you add some perspective to your life.

21. Take six deep breaths

Taking a breath before you react in a situation is a totally normal thing many of us practice. But what about six? Whatever the situation may be, six deep breaths can help manage the situation and conquer any feelings of overwhelm.

Be sure to count them out:

1 – breathe in -, 1 – breathe out –

2 – breathe in, 2 – breathe out –

3 – breathe in, 3 – breathe out –

4 – breathe in, 4 – breathe out –

5 – breathe in, 5 – breathe out –

6 – breathe in, 6 – breathe out –

Ready to kick life’s butt?

healthy daily habits

Phew! And there we have it, 21 daily habits that’ll make a big difference to your life. We don’t recommend taking on all of the above at once, but start off slow and you’ll soon notice the difference!

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