About us

About Natures Remedies


Natures Remedies Ltd was founded in 1999 by our leading directors Dr Trevor Jarman (CEO and specialist biochemist in the commercialisation of novel technologies) and Dr Lasse Hessel (Medical Director, and creator of Femidom and Biotap).


Committed to offering consumers the means to achieve healthy, attractive weight loss using only natural weight loss devices, they first launched Zotrim onto the market in 2000, after years of extensive research into its 3 core ingredients: Yerba Maté, Guarana and Damiana.


To date, Zotrim has successfully been used by 10 million consumers worldwide to help boost satiety and fullness. Yet this is not Natures Remedies only affiliation.


During the last decade we have also produced Zotrim Plus – a patented dietary high fibre drink mix that can be used by both adults and adolescents to help them experience significant weight loss.


Where to find Natures Remedies Ltd?


Our registered office is in Cambridge, UK. However, the majority of our operations are run from our offices in Amersham (UK) in the county of Buckinghamshire, which can be found some 50 kilometres west of London.

We distribute our product worldwide through this website, the official Zotrim online store. We also distribute the product through a selection of large UK retailers.

If you would like to learn more about our founding company, please visit Natures Remedies Ltd.